Võru County clearly stands out from the rest of Estonia by its varied landform, diverse landscape, and rapidly alternating natural biomes. The most beautiful places, which are of the highest value for the natural perspective, are carefully preserved and protected.


The protected areas of Võru County cover more than 36,000 hectares, in total. 51 protected natural features are included in the Natura 2000 network of bird sanctuaries and natural areas. The largest among these are the Karula National Park and Haanja Nature Park; but true pearls of Estonian nature can also be found from 12 smaller landscape protection areas and 4 nature conservation areas, as well as 20 different special conservation areas of various habitats and natural sites. The individual protected natural features in Võru County include 37 valuable ancient trees, including the king among Estonian oak trees, the 700-year-old Tamme-Lauri oak.


The natural values of Võru County are undoubtedly worthy of exploring and discovering, as the various biotas and diversity found here is endlessly exciting.


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