The entrepreneurship environment of Võru County is open, supported, and largely network-based. Synergy is mostly created in the sectors which are based on the regional resources, in which the internal developments are led by clusters formed by the undertakings operating in the field of activity, supported by public sector organisations. This applies to the wood processing and furniture manufacturing sector, in which the competitiveness of the sector is supported by the TSENTER competence centre and the companies operating in the field of activity are united by the Furniture Cluster of South-East Estonia. The undertakings of the tourism sector are supported by the NGO Võrumaa Tourism Union and by the Võru County Development Centre. The food network and development of the UMA MEKK label for food products are supported by the Võrumaa Farmers Union and by the LAG Võrumaa Partnership Assembly. The creative sector, which is based on the cultural heritage, and smart teleworking have important roles.
One of the most important support structures for entrepreneurship in the county is the Võru County Development Centre, which is part of the nationwide network of development centres. The mission of the centre is to support the businesses, local governments, and non-governmental organisations of the county in implementing projects, which improve the entrepreneurship environment and quality of life in the region. Professionalism of the labour force is ensured by the Võru County Vocational Training Centre, where specialties of technology, tourism, catering, accommodation, trade, and entrepreneurship are taught at a good level. Refresher courses and retraining is also available based on the needs of the labour market. The Võru County Government monitors the directions of the economic development of the county and leads entrepreneurship infrastructure and export projects.

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