Amazingly diverse and untouched, primeval nature. Hiking trails, where one is likelier to stumble upon a fox that has gone for an afternoon walk than another human. Numerous tourist farms, swimming, boat trips, hikes, horse riding, fairs, saunas, ski trails, Võru language – these are the keywords characterising Võru County. There is plenty to discover for the grown as well as for the tiniest visitors in family parks, museums, and animal parks. The southernmost county of Estonia, Võru County, will surprise you with its natural records. One of the hilliest regions of the country, Haanja Uplands, can be found here. The highest peak in Estonia – Suur Munamägi (318 m above sea level) – is in Võru County. The viewing platform on the mountain offers an excellent view of the diverse nature of Southern Estonia.

The deepest lake in Estonia – Rõuge Suurjärv (38 m) – can be found in Võru County. The longest river in Estonia, Võhandu, and the one of the greatest height difference, Piusa, are meandering here. There are scenic sandstone outcrops on the banks of the River Piusa, of which the Härma Mäemine wall is the highest in Estonia. Urvaste in Võru County is the home of the thickest oak tree in Estonia – Tamme-Lauri oak. The southernmost tip of Estonia is also located here – in Naha Village. In the middle of the hills and lakes of Võru County, there is plenty to discover year-round for the young and old.

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