A song goes: “Võrumaa, Võrumaa, you are the most beautiful, I have praised you everywhere”. Võrumaa is indeed a wonderful place of rich culture and nature. There are numerous companies here providing pleasant accommodation, plenty of delicious food, and various activities for spending one’s leisure time. There’s something exciting to do for tiny kids and for their parents, not to mention the grandparents.
The employees of tourism undertakings contribute to creating and marketing high-quality services, help to draw up exciting tourism routes, and can suggest to the visitors numerous amazing sites to see in Võrumaa.
If you have an idea about how to make Võru County even more exciting for domestic as well as foreign tourists if you would like to host tourists yourself, please contact the Võru County Development Centre and share your ideas with the tourism coordinator of Võru County.
Tourist information of Võru County can also be found on the website of Visit Estonia.

My rout on map

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