Lake Rõuge Suurjärv – the deepest lake in Estonia – 38 m
Suur Munamägi – the highest peak in Estonia and in the Baltic states – 318 m
Tuuljärv – the highest lake in Estonia – 257 m above sea level
Vällamägi – the highest hill in Estonia by relative height – 304 m; the bog of the thickest peat bed in Estonia is located on the hill – 17 m
Kütiorg – the deepest primeval valley in Estonia – up to 70 m
Piusa Caves Nature Reserve – the nature reserve is the home of the largest colony of wintering bats in Eastern Europe
Härma Mäemine a.k.a. Keldri wall – the highest Devonian sandstone outcrop in Estonia – 43 m (height of the visible section: 19 m)
Võhandu River (also known as Voo; upriver: River Pühajõgi) – the longest river in Estonia, with River Pühajõgi: 162 km
Väimela Alajärv – the lake of the thickest mud layer in Estonia – 17 m
Tamme-Lauri oak – the thickest and the oldest oak tree in Estonia (ca 700 y) – girth at the height of 1.3 m – 8.5 m

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