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Believe it or not, Võru County is the best place to live in Estonia. Indeed, we can say that with confidence because our main roads and streets are in a good state of repair, we have a decent bus service, parking is free, our kindergartens and schools are well equipped, the buildings are in great condition, and there are usually no long waiting lists. We have a diverse selection of hobby schools and classes, and it’s also true that good athletes, scientists, business people, and everyday working folk being are raised here. There is a special sense of energy in Võru County, along with exhilarating views, affordable property, diverse cultural life, unique communities and, last but not least, it’s safe here.

Võru County is, above all, characterised by its rich culture. Two unique cultural spaces overlap in Võru County, these being the cultures of Võro and Seto. The people here are known for their clear cultural identity and an awareness of their roots. Võru people proudly keep alive the customs of their ancestors and they speak the local Võru or Seto dialects. Võru people hold established wisdom in high regard. They can do the work their forefathers used to do, from smoking meat and scything to building log houses. Another unique feature is the dialect of the Võru people, which is barely on the border of comprehension to speakers of standard Estonian. The people of Võru County stick together and are active members of civil society. Many of the locals participate in the work of NGOs or associations, which are striving to make life in the region more diverse and exciting.