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Võru County, with its untouched nature, interesting history, distinguished cultural heritage, and lovely people, is hoping to offer memorable experiences for young and old alike. We would like to suggest some sightseeing tours which will help you put together your own tour. The end of each tour marks the beginning of the next, which means that you can actually use the tours to travel all around Võru County, if you like. To do so, you will need to reserve quite a few days, and there are plenty of options for accommodation provided on the map, so you will always have somewhere to rest at the end of each day. The map also includes places to eat. The contact details for the sights and service providers included in the tours can be found in this guide or on the Võru County tourism website:

We have divided Võru County into four different tours: the Urvaste-Antsla- Mõniste-Varstu tour, the Rõuge-Haanja tour, the Misso-Vastseliina- Meremäe tour, and the Lasva-Võru- Sõmerpalu tour.

There are several options available when getting acquainted with Võru County, either by car, by bike, or by using public transport. It takes about three hours by car or four hours by bus to reach Võru County from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Riga, the capital of Latvia, is roughly 210km from Võru and you can get there from Riga by car or by public transport via Tartu or Valka. Having arrived at Võru Coach Station, you will be welcomed by a painting by Navitrolla, a well-known Estonian painter, on the wall of the building next to the bus station.

Tallinn 252km
Tartu 69km
Põlva 25km
Valga 73km
Otepää 42km
Haapsalu 299km
Pärnu 189km
Viljandi 125km
Narva 248km

Antsla 36km
Haanja 12km
Misso 49km
Mõniste 38km
Rõuge 15km
Vastseliina 28km
Obinitsa 28km
Sõmerpalu 12km
Varstu 33km
Urvaste 35km
Lasva 13km
Meremäe 38km

The Russian border in Luhamaa 35km
The Latvian border in Murati 37km