The sauna and related customs have been an integral part of Estonian culture for centuries. Both the body and the soul are clean in the smoke sauna.

There is a rich and unique custom associated with sauna walking, which in addition to the customs of going to the sauna also includes the skills of heating the sauna, making sauna cleansers and building the sauna. Also knowledge about sauna treatment and meat smoking. In November 2014, the Võro ​​smoke smoking practice was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The smoke sauna does not have a chimney, the smoke is discharged through a window, a crack through the door or through a special dust hole. The heating of the sauna will start around noon, by the afternoon the last oven will be full and the smoke will be released from the sauna. Then the sauna is still waiting for an hour until the first sauna users come and start taking harder steam. Properly and properly heated smoke sauna is not harsh or smoke, the air is light. Leil does not burn, the heat gradually warms the body. The body starts sweating quite immediately in the hands of moist steam, and in the meantime it is nice to go outside the sauna to cool off, the braver ones even jump into the water or snow. The right sauna session also includes whistling.

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