Reisitrajektoor kaardil

In order to experience something incredible, one does not have to climb Mount Everest or go diving in the ocean. Sledging down a snowy hill in Haanja, running along the Lake Tamula Promenade, or swimming in a lake can also create memorable experiences to be cherished for a long time... A family trip is an ideal opportunity to escape the everyday hustle and bustle and satisfy your love of adventure because, in Viru County, it feels as if the clocks have stopped and all kinds of fun-filled and exciting activities are just a stone’s throw away.

Uue-Antsla küla, Urvaste vald
+372 504 5066,
The smallest traffic city in the world welcomes children as well as adults when it comes to learning about and enjoying everything that comes with real city traffic in indoor premises which have been especially designed for this purpose. Both children and adults get to drive various types of car and race on the outdoor circuit in the summer.

Rebaste küla, between the villages of Urvaste and Kanepi
+ 372 5342 5054,
The Pokuland theme park was inspired by the children’s book, Pokumaa, which was written by a well-known Estonian writer of children’s books, Edgar Valter. In the Poku Hall, visitors can see original illustrations and oil paintings by Edgar Valter, get to know his creative work, make Pokus themselves, and dress up as Pokus. There are a great many other activities and events, such as study and play trails, village swings, picnic sites, and a bird watching platform.

Saru küla, Mõniste vald
+372 504 6926
Alaveski Animal Park offers the opportunity to observe animals in their natural environment.

Piusa küla, Orava vald, Põlva maakond
+372 5304 4120,
Piusa Caves Visitor Centre houses a museum, a seminar room for fifty people, a café, and a handicraft room for children. Guided tours are organised for the observation platform in the museum’s cave.