The traditional food of Võru County has its own taste, or ‘uma mekk man’ as it is said in the Võru dialect. Honest, traditional, somewhat nostalgic, and easily recognisable! Smoked meat prepared in a smoke sauna, golden-yellow sõir or home-made cottage cheese, bread, barley bread, home-made root beer and beer, refreshingly sour birch juice, and many other products, which are only made on the farms and in the eateries in Võru County, and they all have a very characteristic taste. The people of Võru are happy to share their best dishes with their visitors. The dishes are made of produce from the local forest and fields, and they are as fresh as possible, cooked in a healthy manner, and presented beautifully. Good company, a cosy environment, and a fun-filled time spent also add to the flavours.

When visiting the farms and food producers in Võru County, acquainting oneself with the farms, taking part in workshops, food tasting, home meals, and visiting small farm shops, you get to experience the love and care that is put into preparing food here. The local people open the doors of their homes to visitors, along with a rich store of traditions, and their hearts and minds.

The best raw materials, dishes, food products, and drinks are marked with the trademark UMA MEKK.

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