Pühajõgi is the upper course of the River Võhandu that is upstream from the town of Võru. This stretch of river has not been used much for water travel until now. Now, it has been cleaned and waiting to be discovered! The trip goes along the river with clear water and many small rapids. Route and length: Kärgula–Hutita 3.5 hours (13 km). See also the map of the Võhandu Pühajõgi.  Minimum size of the group: 10 people; smaller groups can join scheduled trips. Maximum size of the group: 90 people. Price: canoe trip €20 per person and kayak trip €22 per person. Price for children: €12 per person (6–16 years). Price includes: canoe or kayak rental and transportation of equipment, safety equipment, instructions and securing the trip from the river banks.
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