Väimela Manor was first mentioned already in 1590, but the current main building is from 1952. The threshing building, distillery, farmhands' barn, farmhand's house, milking parlor, woodworking shop, granary and grain dryer, hay barn, barn and dairy have been preserved. Bernhard von Loewen was the last squire. Today, the manor is managed by the Võru County Vocational Training Centre. The manor park was established in the 18th century and there are mostly lindens, maples and oaks. Lakes Alajärv and Mäejärv in Väimela are connected with a stream. South of Lake Alajärv, in Matussaare, is the burial ground of squires of Väimela and the ruins of a chapel, that was built in 1885. You can only see the manor from outside.

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