On every year’s Christmas Day, 25th December a group of enthusiasts conquer 20 highest* peaks of South-Estonian hills. The 7 to 10 hour walk on a 25km trail gains new friends every time. For past few years the the participant count has reached over 200 people. It is a truly wonderful out the box option to spend one the darkest days of the year. The first Christmas hike organized by Tartu University Student's Nature Protection Circle took place in 1998. There were 30 participants who, instead of walking, cross country skied through the trail. The event is free, to participate you do not need to register. Meet other hikers in Haanja Suusabaas on 25th December 9AM. Make sure to dress according to the weather, put on waterproof hiking boots and bring your own headlamp & extra batteries for the dark afternoon & evening hours. * Estonia is known for its rather flat terrain. The highest peak Suur Munamägi is a towering 317 meters high (relative height 65m).

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