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 Rogosi Castle Manor in Ruusmäe is a unique, complete complex, which serves as the tourism, educational, cultural, and community centre of Haanjamaa. The gate tower houses a small local history museum. Sänna Culture Manor offers various activities and cultural events. The manor marks the start of the Sänna Sky Trail, a model of the solar system on a scale of 1:1 billion (1mm = 1000km or 1m = 1 million km). The sun and the first four planets are in the close vicinity of Sänna Manor, while subsequent planets are in Pärlijõe Valley, between the villages of Sänna and Hurda. The manors of Vana-Antsla, Sõmerpalu, Väimela, Viitina, Luutsniku, Linnamäe, and Järvere can also be seen in the distance.